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You don’t have to act on an action alert to contact your legislator. The best way to reach your legislator is to write a personal letter or email to your legislator to begin the conversation before a home care issue arises. Below please find a sample letter or email template that you can use to craft your message. Please feel free to include any additional information about you and your family, your home care experience, and the issues you face. Please use our Find My Legislator Tool to find your legislators and their contact information.

Subject: Constituent Introduction: Home Care’s Impact on My Family

Dear Representative/Senator LASTNAME,

I’m writing today to introduce myself as your constituent and to request that we meet to discuss home care and its impact on my family and many of your constituents. I have/take care of my child/spouse/family member who has special medical needs.

Home health care is the patient-preferred approach to quality health care, and its cost-effectiveness could not only save our state significant funds, but it also allows for your constituents to be where they want to be: Living independently at home with their family. Without the additional help provided by my home health care agency I wouldn’t be capable of continuing to care for my loved one at home/continuing to live at home independently.

Having a nurse/aide in to help manage the care of my self/child/spouse/family member allows me to work/take care of other children or anything else you want the legislator to know about your family.

The state’s low Medicaid reimbursement rates affect my family’s ability to access the care required to meet my/my loved one’s needs. Home health care providers cannot recruit and retain enough quality caregivers at currently low rates, and this lack of caregivers means that we have open shifts in NAME’s home care schedule. When open shifts occur, it means I have to miss work/may lose my job/ can’t take care of my children/anything else that you want to share.

I’m requesting an appointment with you to discuss the needs of my family and many others like us in STATE. It’s important to me that you understand how important and impactful home care services are to so many of your constituents.

I can be reached at PHONE or EMAIL.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




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