Advocacy: What's in it for you? A lot!


As a home care employee, you have the power to help change the future of home health care for both caregivers and clients alike. From the White House to local cities and townships, let your voice be heard by the legislators and others who make decisions about home health care—from how much providers are reimbursed for services to how employees are trained and licensed.

Increased reimbursement rates and higher care standards mean not only better quality care for clients, but fair and competitive wages for employees. These decisions affect everyone in the home care industry—including you. Even if you are not a caregiver, your job in home care, just like ours, is dependent on fair and decent reimbursement from payors such as Medicaid and managed Medicaid.

We’re all in this together! Here are just some of the ways you can help change the future of home health care:

  • Become a Heart for Home Care Advocate
  • Send emails and letters to government officials
  • Respond to Action Alerts
  • Share stories with public officials that show the value of work we do
  • Share Hearts for Home Care social media posts with your friends
  • Meet with your local government officails in person ('s easier than you might think!)
  • Attend home care legislative days at your state capitol

How much you get involved is up to you. You can do a little or a lot. What’s important is that we work together to make sure the people we care for, and those who care for them, have a voice when government officials make decisions that affect them—and ultimately, all of us.

Join us…we are stronger together

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