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We all share something in common: we care about high-quality home health care. We care that the people who need these services are able to get them so they can live a better quality of life at home. Read More

We also care that the home health care professionals—nurses, home health aides, and others—who provide these critical services earn a fair and decent wage. They deserve it for the critically important work they do—and the people they serve deserve caregivers who are appropriately trained and qualified.

But despite the fact that many people in government and regulatory positions also believe that home health care is a cost-effective, patient preferred service, it continues to be one of the lowest reimbursed health care services in the country. In fact, in some areas, home care reimbursements from government-funded programs like Medicaid have not been increased in years. Even worse, some states have seen reductions. The very system that is designed to protect the country’s most vulnerable people is failing them, leaving some without the care they need to live a life of independence and dignity—and an uncertain future for the rest.

What does this mean - now and in the long term?

Home health care providers are already having difficulty hiring and retaining qualified caregivers at the current rates. Although many caregivers find home health care a rewarding career, they simply cannot afford to stay in it. As a result, the supply of workers is dwindling as the demand for services is increasing. That leaves at risk the (tens of thousands?) of people in the U.S. who rely on State and Federal insurances to pay for home health care services that keep them safe at home.

YOU can be the difference

We simply cannot stand by and let this continue—and we have not been. We have been working hard and speaking out to public officials who can create, protect, and change laws that affect home health care. But we have a lot more work to do and we need as many voices as possible to join ours—including yours.

Join BAYADA’s advocacy program, Hearts for Home Care, and let your voice be heard. Together, we can do so much more.

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